Eccentric Moments of our R & D Team


This is a glimpse into the reality of MRISAR's 4 member, philanthropic, artistic, family R & D Team! Their existence is unusual and inclusive. Their work requires a great deal of dedication & concentration. To help keep their home & work atmosphere light they all use humorous antics. They are so immersed in the many aspects of their work, that socializing is rare for them and usually associated with charitable acts, conferences or other activities that encompass their philanthropic ideals in some fashion.

MRISAR is a Philanthropic family owned and operated business. It was created in 1993 by its founders John Siegel and Victoria Lee Croasdell Siegel, to help fund and promote their research and development in Humanitarian & Environmentally based technologies and programs.  MRISAR's product line is a result of the incorporation of some of their R & D technologies into “Public Use Robotic, Science & Art Interactive Exhibits & Devices” that are sold world-wide to Science & Technology Centers, Museums, Universities, NASA, domestic & foreign governments, royalty, and the film industries, etc., to generate income to Fund their Philanthropic Projects & Programs. Autumn and Aurora Siegel (John and Victoria's daughters) grew up helping their parents expand MRISAR. As soon as they were skilled enough they joined their parents as the 3rd & 4th member of MRISAR's  Research & Development Team.

We are in the process of designing our own self-sustaining, alternative energy powered, World-Class “Interactive, Hands-On, Robotics, Technology, Invention & Nature Center”. Our Center will feature our standard line of World-class exhibits, an Invention Lab and will Showcase our Private Collection of Innovative, Interactive Exhibits & Devices. It will also incorporate “Responsible Technologies”!  Admission will be free to the underprivileged.  















































































Balancing business with Philanthropic Ideals!  Developing & Promoting “Responsible” Technologies!

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