"Interactive; Robotics, Technology, Invention, Art & Nature Center";


Profit from our International Exhibit Sales helps fund our Humanitarian R&D and the creation of “Prototype Institute Environments; that are low cost, low impact, self-sustaining, alternative energy powered, with Humanitarian & Environmental Research & Development and Think Tank Invention labs”. Our purpose is to invent and present responsible, low cost and easy to implement, beneficial humanitarian and environmental based technologies and methods that assist with social, ecological, sustainable and economic solutions. Accomplishing the prototype environment alone requires research & development of new technologies & improvement of existing technologies. The project goals are to solve real world issues, inspire, educate and to provide guidance and collaboration.


MRISAR’s goals in creating such centers are to share their experience with similar projects as an example of the potential of the human mind and spirit when it is focused on creativity and care for others to the benefit of the world and its people, through both complicated projects and simple acts of kindness. They wish to encourage others to explore their own beneficial potentials, ideals and abilities and to develop practical solutions to problems of the current day and future. 


Each Institute will contain its own World-Class “Interactive; Robotics, Technology, Invention, Art & Nature Center”. Proceeds from admission will help fund the Institute. Each center will feature:

1- An Exhibit Hall with our standard line of World-class exhibits and Showcase our Private Collection of Innovative, Interactive Exhibits & Devices. Our talking Rail Robot Guide will lead visitors through the exhibit hall. It will also incorporate “Responsible Technologies”!

2- Art Galleries that will display the hundreds of pieces of family friendly, original 2D, 3D and Interactive Art that our team has already created, plus have revolving Family Oriented Local Artists Exhibitions.

3- An Outdoor Interactive Art & Nature Area that will be filled with paths, trees, gardens and kinetic & interactive, solar & wind, technological art sculptures. The emphasis will be edible, medicinal & organic landscapes that promote sustainability & health.

4- “Public & Academic Enrichment Events”.

5- “Special Tours” of behind the scenes areas.

6- Free Admission to the underprivileged. We hope to inspire the upcoming generation to create careers in responsible technologies that improve the quality of life.












The above images are of MRISAR's R&D Team.




Exhibit Hall


1- Our standard line of interactive robotic & technology exhibits that we sell to Centers world wide and our exclusive collection of robotic exhibits & devices that we will not sell to anyone else.

2- Interaction with our innovative, lifelike, futuristic, Robotic creations. Examples; Play with & feed Artificial Life forms in a Robot Zoo! Challenge robots with your human intelligence! Interact with otherworldly artistic, interactive, robotic sculptures!

3- Responsible Technologies. 

4- Free Admission to the underprivileged.



“Public & Academic Enrichment Events”


1- Special overnight events called “A Night with the Robots” (available no where else in the world). Families can make reservations to spend the night on the center floor in sleeping bags or cots and experience special robotic demonstrations in a futuristic atmosphere. In recent years “A Night at the Museum” events have become very popular and highly accepted.

2- Special classes on robotics for the general public.

3– Robotics Competitions. We are already providing technical assistance to teachers and academic establishments (both in the state and outside of the country), that are trying to enter robotic competitions, but lack the knowledge to fully instruct and inspire their students. A natural progression for this, once we are open for tourism, would be to offer to hold regional, national and international competitions at our location.

4- International conferences regarding Robotics and Beneficial R & D Conferences.

5– Collaborations, enrichment classes and internships in enhanced technologies with higher academic establishments; combining elements such as Cybernetics, Bionics, Mechatronics, Autonomics, Animatronics & Teleoperation.



Special Tours


Special tours will be provided for;

1- our Humanitarian & Environmental Research & Development Think Tank Invention labs that feature our R & D Projects.

2- the actual workshops where the attractions are created (similar to visiting the workshops & creations of Jim Henson’s creature shop).

3- a behind the scenes view of the production studio for the web series we are creating called the “Mysterious Lab of Robotics” (our robotic version of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” or “Beakman’s World”).

4- a chance to meet MRISAR’s internationally renowned robotics R & D team. A four member family team who since 2000 has designed, fabricated & marketed the earth’s largest selection of world-class robotic exhibits. The 2 youngest members joined the team as preschoolers.





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