Mysterious Lab of Robotics

"An educational & humorous web show covering robotics, science,

technologically based art and humanitarian applications for technology"


Our series will convey educational elements in the areas of robotics, science, technology, interactive art and "Responsible Technologies". At times this will include a strange, eccentric sense of humor and playful antics. Each show will have segments that cover the following topics:

1- Do It Yourself Projects; with step by step instructions and parts list. Projects will cover robotics, science and technological art that students & their parents can try at home with easy to acquire and affordable materials.

2- Creation of the Robot Host; subject to the level of funding acquired, as explained in the text below.

3- Our Current Project; a glimpse into our secret labs, workshops and occasionally on location, to view how we go through the research, design, development, fabrication and testing process.




  Left: Magnus our Humanoid Telepresence Robot Host who MRISAR’s R & D Team will build on the show. Once brought to life he will participate as a cast member. Magnus is a full fledged telepresence robot that will literally duplicate every movement that the operator makes. He is an experiment for applications in industry, adaptive technologies for the disabled, security and exploration. Magnus is a humorous and engaging adaptation of technologies that we are actually developing for serious and beneficial applications.

We make simplistic versions of our serious Technologies & incorporate them into world-class exhibits that we sell globally, in order to help fund our continuing R & D into Beneficial & Responsible Humanitarian & Environmental devices & methods. So far we have had to fund all of our own R & D.

Our Research & Development Team consists of MRISAR's Founders John Siegel & Victoria Lee Croasdell Siegel and their two youngest daughters Autumn & Aurora Siegel, (who started helping with R & D when they were preschoolers). Together they have Designed & Fabricated the Earth’s Largest Selection of World Class Robotics Exhibits.








We have Designed & Fabricated the Earth’s Largest Selection of "Internationally Renowned & Awarded" World-Class Robotics Exhibits & Devices; and “Hands On” Scientific, Technological & Interactive Art Exhibits. Our innovative, interactive, inexpensive, durable & easy to maintain creations incorporate interactive technologies & designs for people with disabilities and other special needs. We also provide our own Educational Kits & Materials for K thru 12/College & University level curriculums.

Our Customers include World-Class Science Centers, Museums, Universities, NASA, Royalty, Foreign & Domestic Governments, the Film Industries for inclusion in media productions, etc. We specialize in Cybernetics, Bionics, Mechatronics, Autonomics, Animatronics & Teleoperated devices. Our Graphic Arts Division provides services for educational, professional, marketing & entertainment.

MRISAR is a Family Owned & Operated Business. It was created in 1993 by John Siegel and Victoria Croasdell-Siegel, to achieve philanthropic goals as the main priority. Their goals are to develop beneficial Humanitarian & Environmentally based technologies and programs. Our product line is a result of the incorporation of some of their R & D technologies. Exhibit purchases help to Fund our Philanthropic Research & Development Projects & Programs.

Our Humanitarian & Environmental Research & Development has been presented before and/or published and awarded by: the United Nations, NASA-Emhart, Stanford, Cambridge, ICORR, ROMAN, IEEE, Discover Awards, International Federation of Robotics (IFR), etc.  Our 1990's circa, original innovative R & D in "Facial Feature Controlled Technology" and "Artificial Sense of Touch Technology" (Adaptive Technology prototypes for the disabled), has helped pioneer those fields! We were the only company in the world to be awarded an entire chapter regarding our work in the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) “World Robotics; Service Robotics, 2011”.

MRISAR resides in a 36,000 sq. ft. complex situated on roughly 10 acres. They hope to inspire the upcoming generation to create careers in responsible technologies that improve the quality of life. So far they have funded all of their own R & D. Everything they design is fabricated "In-House", in their own labs and shops!

Balancing business with Philanthropic Ideals!  Developing & Promoting “Responsible” Technologies!

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