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Our Staff Artists can create high quality illustrations & Graphic Arts for Publication or Exhibition.

They are experienced with digital, oil, acrylic, watercolor, pen/ink, pencil and color pencil.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us for a quote!!


Interactive Advertising Sculptures      Graphic Arts: For Sale & Rent


Graphic Arts: For Sale & Rent

ART FOR SALE: We can create almost any size or medium of graphic art, covering any subject matter you desire. We can also create any kind of illustration needed for reference, presentations or publications. Our artistry is of excellent quality and backed with over 25 years of experience in providing museums and organizations with artistic works. Whether you want science, science fiction, wildlife (from any diverse ecosystem), pictorials of real individuals, technology, mythology, or children's fantasy, we can provide it all. Pictured in our art division are some examples of our work.

Our murals and marquees are done on high quality MDO board, which is an extremely stable material that has been professionally used under harsh conditions by mural painters, carpenters and sign writers in indoor and outdoor applications. The Murals and Marquees are easily mounted with standard fasteners. Please let us know the type of display location for the work. If your application is outdoors or subject to climatic conditions in areas such as Zoological displays we must adapt the mural or marquee to tolerate marine conditions. For murals we use standard 4' x 8' sheets of MDO board, if your mural is an odd size or very large we can provide it sectionally. Murals created with our technique afford you the opportunity of not having public areas put out of use for weeks or months, while scaffolding, buckets of paint and additional personnel paint on your un-removable walls. Sectional murals are also easy to take down & move.

We also offer custom fine and commercial works of art in pencil, pen and ink, computer graphics, sculpture and interactive art and other media.

Please submit your project requirements and we will supply an estimated time of delivery and firm price quote. Please note we only accept assignments that present material that is safe for all ages to view.


ART FOR RENT: “A series of educational Traveling Art Shows”. For more information please view our “Traveling Art Shows”.



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