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Your purchases support philanthropic projects that help instill education, solutions & ideals.


We can create a wide variety of abstract and representational forms; pictorial and dimensional; for Corporations, Centers, Museums, or Residences. Exterior or Interior designs available. Sculptures, Metal etchings, Serigraphs, Electronic art, Oil & Acrylic paintings, Pen and ink, Digital  & Color pencil.  Select from ready to display works or inquire for quotes on custom designs to meet your most exacting expectations.






MRISAR's 4 Member R&D Team consists of MRISAR's Founders John Siegel & Victoria Lee Croasdell Siegel and their two youngest daughters Autumn & Aurora Siegel, (who started helping with R & D when they were preschoolers). They are each Inventors and Artists. Together they have Designed, Fabricated & Marketed the Earth’s Largest Selection of "Internationally Renowned & Awarded" Public Use, World-Class Robotic Exhibits & Devices; and “Hands On” Innovative, Scientific, Technological & Interactive Art Exhibits. They have also created STEM Educational Kits & Materials for K thru 12/College & University level curriculums.

They make simplistic versions of their serious Technologies and incorporate them into world-class exhibits that they sell globally, in order to help fund their continuing R & D in Beneficial & Responsible Humanitarian projects. So far they have had to fund all of their own R & D.

Their Humanitarian Research & Development has been presented before and/or published and awarded by: the United Nations, NASA-Emhart, Stanford, Cambridge, ICORR, ROMAN, IEEE, Discover Awards, International Federation of Robotics (IFR), etc. Their 1990's circa, original innovative R & D in "Facial Feature Controlled Technology" and "Artificial Sense of Touch Technology" (Adaptive Technology prototypes for the disabled), has helped pioneer those fields! They were the only R&D Team in the world to be awarded an entire chapter regarding their work in the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) “World Robotics; Service Robotics, 2011”.

Their Customers include World-Class Science Centers, Museums, Universities, NASA, Royalty, Foreign & Domestic Governments, the Film Industries for inclusion in media productions, etc. They specialize in Cybernetics, Bionics, Mechatronics, Autonomics, Animatronics, Teleoperated devices and Interactive Art Sculptures.

From 1993 to the present they have been providing "free" robotic, science & art demonstrations and presentations to educational facilities and the general public, while incurring all expenses for these events out of their own budget.

One of their primary goals is to create a Prototype Environment for a low cost, low impact, self-sustaining, alternative energy powered, Humanitarian & Environmental Research & Development institute with Think Tank Invention labs. Their purpose is to invent and present responsible, low cost and easy to implement, beneficial humanitarian and environmental based technologies and methods that assist with social, ecological, sustainable and economic solutions. Accomplishing the prototype environment alone requires research & development of new technologies & improvement of existing technologies. To help fund their R & D, part of the Institute will be used as a World-Class “Interactive, Robotics, Technology, Invention, Art & Nature Center” that will feature their standard line of World-class exhibits and Showcase their Private Collection of Innovative, Interactive Exhibits & Devices. It will also incorporate “Responsible Technologies”! Admission will be free to the underprivileged. They hope to inspire the upcoming generation to create careers in responsible technologies that improve the quality of life.

So far MRISAR’s R & D Team of 4 Family Members has funded all of their own humanitarian research and MRISAR’s World-Class Philanthropic & Humanitarian “Interactive; Robotics, Technology, Invention, Art & Nature Center” Project.

Balancing business with Philanthropic Ideals!  Developing & Promoting “Responsible” Technologies!

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