Challenge the Robot




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Directions for activity: This exhibit has an activity that involves the robot arm’s ability to do an automatic task faster and better than a human. The human user’s task is to manually control the arm through the same task hence the term “Challenge The Robot”.

Activity: Building a pyramid out of five balls.

1- Push the (Green) Start Button. The reset light will light for a few seconds and then the robot arm builds a pyramid out of balls automatically. A timer automatically times the arm’s activity. Once the arm is done it lights the balls and resets the balls to the starting point.

2-Next push the “human user’s” (Yellow) Start Button and the reset light will light for a few second and then you can use the joysticks to try to build the same thing that the robot arm built. In effect the arm shows the visitor what to do by example.

3- When you are done push the (Amber) Stop Timer Switch and compare your time with the robot’s time score. The exhibit shows a comparison between your errors with the robots and your time with the robot’s.

In each activity the robot wins either in accuracy, speed or both.

This exhibit features a thirty five inch long electromechanical robot arm mounted on a rail system which allows the arm to glide from one end of the exhibit to the other.

The exhibit activity is totally encased by clear polycarbonate which allows many people to view the exhibit while it is being operated. The electromechanical arm is designed in a totally open format, all the parts and the key components that operate it are visible for maximum educational merit. The wrist turns, the elbow moves, as does the shoulder through both the horizontal and vertical axis. The rail is comprised of two tubular steel guides, aircraft grade cable and UHMW mounts. The gear motors that operate the rail and arm are quality Dayton gear motors. The exhibit challenges a visitors skill and dexterity while providing a unique format to study the engineering principles of a robot arm.

The Robot also comes with Voice Playback technology as a standard with no extra charge, allowing the exhibit to prompt the user as to the status of their progress with recorded speech.

The exhibit approximate measurements are 8 feet long x 7.5" high x 40 inches wide (less the control council). The control council adds an additional 16" to the width at the center of the exhibit which extends the center footprint to 56" wide.

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