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Custom Robotics 2012; Lenovo Computer

Exo-skeleton Robotic Assist Device

2012 International CES; The Global Stage For Innovation.



2012 International CES; The Global Stage For Innovation.  Lenovo hired us to create a custom robotic prototype to animate their newest computer for its public release at the expo in Las Vegas, in January. Plus be there ourselves during the entire week of the event, to monitor our device. We had to sign a Non-disclosure wavier as they would be presenting the world’s most powerful and compact desk top computer, with physical flexibility (hence the robotic assist), for the first time and did not want any publicity leaks before-hand. They shipped the prototype from China, here to us in New Leipzig, ND, so we could make the robotic assist device. While on-location we worked with two other companies: Event Strategy Group and VCI Exhibits.

Instead of renting a booth inside the CES Expo area, Lenovo rents the Aquaknox, a 5 star restaurant located in the Venetian, just down the corridor from the CES International Expo. During the expo the Aquaknox closes to the general public and under goes a complete transformation to become Lenovo's expo show case.

Our first official day on the installation of our exo-skeleton robotic assist device found us in the middle of other installation crews rushing to complete the transformation of the Aquaknox. We commandeered an alcove there and worked straight through to the following morning, with out a break.  It was an interesting experience as the other crews eventually left in the evening, leaving us to work alone in the stillness of the Aquaknox night. The first sign of pre-dawn stirrings were the Aquaknox staff coming in to prepare and set out breakfast for the crews. Free 5 star dinning exclusively for the installations crews was an added bonus. Below are images and videos of our shop fabrication and on-location installation process.


Shop Fabrication      On-location Installation at the Venetian

Lenovo's corner of the Expo      Taking a Break at the Venetian



Shop Fabrication


From left in order of appearance at MRISAR in New Leipzig, ND: John, with the just delivered from Beijing, China; Lenovo computer package. John, and Victoria carefully unwrapping the computer. John hand making the parts for the device on the metal lathe and sander. Various components for the exo-skeleton robotic assist device.  Click here for the Video of the making of the device.










On-location Installation at The Venetian


From left in order of appearance, in the alcove we commandeered at the Aquaknox in the Venetian:  John, drilling a component while Victoria holds it. Aurora and Victoria prepping the power cables for the power supply for the device. John and Autumn securing the device to it's base. Various  images of the installation process. Lastly Aurora and Autumn in the main area of the Aquaknox at about 3 a.m. in the morning, while it was still undergoing its transformation. Click here for the Video of our on-location installation of the device.








From left in order of appearance, mounting the Lenovo computer with our exo-skeleton robotic assist arm, into its display area at the Aquaknox in the Venetian:  John, Aurora, Victoria, Jade Chen - a Lenovo Engineer, and Autumn. Lastly Victoria, John, Rebecca  Welles - Lenovo WW Corporate Design and Identity, Aurora and Autumn. Click here for the Video of our on-location installation of the device.












Lenovo's corner of the Expo


From left in order of appearance, at Lenovo's expo show case, in the Aquaknox, at the Venetian:  Aurora, Victoria,  Autumn and John.










Taking a Break at the Venetian


Although we did not participate in the standard form of entertainment on the strip, I.E., the casinos and clubs, we did participate in helping those in need "the street people". The only form of entertainment we did immerse ourselves in was the second floor of the Venetian, where a miniature version of Venice had been created inside of the building, complete with canals and gondolas you can ride in, and an arched painted sky with clouds that lighted up to reflect the passing of the day into night. Our favorite place there was an indoor (but looked like outdoors) courtyard that had twin bridges over the blue canals. At the end of each day we found ourselves there, in the manufactured twilight, listening to the gondola pilots singing old Venetian songs as they propelled their passengers along the canals, while we ate Gelato. We did take a tour bus to Boulder Dam.


From left in order of appearance, at the Venetian: in "Little Venice", a miniature version of Venice, complete with canals and Gondola boats with serenading pilots, and "Trump de Oil" skies, all contained inside the second floor of the VenetianAurora, Autumn, John and Victoria. The last two images are: a picture of the Venetian and a picture off a balcony of the Venetian looking out on the vista below.











From left in order of appearance, at the Venetian: in the lobby of a smaller entrance Autumn, Aurora, Victoria and John.








From left in order of appearance, at the Venetian: in the main lobby;  Aurora, Victoria, John  and  Autumn.  








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