Deven II





Deven II Version 1.2

Deven II is a demonstration robot designed to maneuver around a room and speak and respond to voice commands.

Deven II's exterior opens for educational viewing of it’s interior. It is approximately 6 Ft. tall. It is powered by a gel cell battery at 12 V DC.

Deven II is one of a number of robots being developed for museum demonstrations and exhibit floor use. It is a large robot intended for supervised demonstrations while in demonstration mode and for visitor us while in the activity area included. For exhibit floor use by museum visitors it now comes with a 10’ x 10’ activity area and railing mounted control panels included in the price. The original Deven prototype has entertained students for 15 years.

The Deven II version we are offering is also durable, but features many technological improvements. If your organization is looking for an unique, friendly human relations technological device that is large enough to not land under foot and durable enough to stand public interaction, Deven II could be the answer. Deven II uses IR. sound, visible spectrum detectors, ultrasonic and tactile sensors to interpret it’s surroundings. It’s speech is impressed on a digitally controlled EEPROMs & is user definable for numerous applications. It can understand up to 40 “speaker dependent” spoken words once voice patters are programmed into it. The mobile base will work well on any relatively flat surface. It has a five range of motion electromechanical arm that can be used to pick up objects & gesture gracefully.

Deven II comes with a charger, remote control unit, 10’ x 10’ activity area railing & a set of basic demonstration materials & maintenance manual. Note: Mobile robots are for supervised use only unless they are displayed in the activity area.

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7-year warranty against defects in our workmanship; Free Life-time phone/internet technical support; Life-time parts supply sourcing for our exhibits at wholesale prices. See more details below.

Our exhibits have a long service life expectancy, with many units still functioning smoothly at 10 years plus. They are so easy to maintain and repair, that it usually takes regular museum staff only 15 to 20 minutes.


Optional Accessories:  Voice Playback



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