Ear Exhibit







The graphic panels on this page were scanned in at low resolution for faster on-line loading time. However many of the fine details and color gradations were lost in this transference.

The panels are not depicted with their back lit illumination and animation. 


5} Ears = This is designed to be a regular unit with 4 back lit graphic panels and 1 3D model. Three of the four panels are animated:

(#1) panel depicts the main sections of the ear, from the outer ear to the inner ear, and animates the path of sound as it travels into the ear and is mechanically interpreted.

(#2) panel focuses on the bones of the middle and inner ear, and animates the electrical nerve action between the brain and ear during the reception of sound.

(#3) panel shows the technology behind hearing aids and the basic principles behind artificial ears.

(#4) panel contains an oscilloscope that works with the model of the Ear to show what the Ear Model hears as sound waves. A dial on the council shows the different types of sound wave patterns. Information on the sound waves and the potential damaging effects of high decibel sounds are also included in this section.

The model of the ear can really hear and it displays the sound waves from the visitors voice on an oscilloscope located in panel #4.

Also included will be a list of True or False Questions. Next to this list will be a set of push buttons allowing the visitor to select the appropriate answer. The Voice Playback technology portion of the exhibit will allow the user to hear positive feedback or be prompted to try again. 



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