Touch Spectrum Portable Mini







Click on this link to watch a video of the Mini Touch Spectrum!


A new low cost, but very high quality portable mini version of one of our most popular touch interactive  science exhibits.


In on-location applications at schools, the response to our touch sensitive sound and light generators has been so great that the exhibits seem to practically disappear under droves of children who delighted in it's sound response to their touch, and how it can transfer it’s sense of touch-sound response between students when they shake hands. It has a very magical effect. Often one student will touch the other’s nose and the device will make a sound to their  amusement and interest.


It’s educational merits include; sound, light, electricity, electronics and electrical safety. It comes with a educational booklet covering aspects of education relating to each of the main educational points of interest and providing examples of experiments that can be done with the device.


The exhibit combines touch switch technology with a complement of tonal sound effects. To further accent the exhibit, it is equipped with LED lights in a faceted illuminated form on top of the device that relates in action to approximations of amplitude and frequency.


The exhibit can be used on an optional stand or on a table top during presentations in live science theatre and on location during outreach programs. It is suitable for both mid-floor and side wall locations although mid floor has the best effect.


It is useable and view able from all six sides. The more students that operate it at the same time the deeper the notes it makes. Each side features a touch plate.  


The device operates on rechargeable battery power or when purchased with an optional floor base, on AC power.   


Many colors are available to compliment your preference.


The exhibit is approximately 28” diameter and 10" high. 


We created our 1st prototype of this technology in 1983. We have been designing, fabricating & marketing versions of this exhibit to science centers worldwide since 2000.


For more information contact us.



A Solar powered version is available.

An optional floor base is available.




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