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MRISAR's Humanitarian R & D Institute Project:


In 2010 MRISAR purchased a disused 36,000 sq. ft. school complex, surrounded by 10 acres on the plains of North Dakota and relocated their business there. They also began the slow transformation of the complex into  “The earth’s only World-Class, Public Accessible: Interactive, Robotics, Technology, Invention, Art & Nature Center” that incorporates “Responsible Technologies”, “In House” Invention Labs and Production Workshops for R&D projects and world-class educational exhibits. The project goals are to solve real world issues, inspire, educate and to provide guidance and collaboration.

MRISAR’s goals in creating such a center are to share their experience with similar projects as an example of the potential of the human mind and spirit when it is focused on creativity and care for others to the benefit of the world and its people, through both complicated projects and simple acts of kindness. They wish to encourage others to explore their own beneficial potentials, ideals and abilities and to develop practical solutions to problems of the current day and future. 


MRISAR's North Dakota, World-Class “Interactive; Robotics, Technology, Invention, Art & Nature Center”.  


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Balancing business with Philanthropic Ideals!  Developing & Promoting “Responsible” Technologies!

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