We originally designed & fabricated this exhibit for museums in 1993. It is an exciting educational exhibit that delights both young and old. It features a touch sensitive oscillator, which produces sound patterns in relation to how the touch plates are operated. It is of moderate weight for portability, easy to use and extremely durable. The five-sided design makes it adaptable to fill inner floor spaces and to work with both single users and groups.   

To operate it, touch the metal circle of the Large Touch Plate with one hand and a metal circle on one of the Small Touch Plates with the other hand at the same time. Figuratively in electrical terms, think of the Large Touch Plate as its positive terminal, its Small Touch Plates as its negative terminal and your body as its conductive wire. Optionally many people can use the device together in a number of ways such as having one person touch the large plate and another person touch a small plate and then in turn touch their remaining hands together. Additional people can be added to form a chain between the two users who are touching the large and small plates. The key is to make sure you are touching each other’s skin for conductivity to take place. The device is also able to work with single arm operation should a user have a disability that prevents two-hand use or even with amputee limbs.

   This device uses an Optoelectric Isolated Power Supply (LED Light source and Solar Panel) to power a touch sensitive oscillator, creating a low voltage, ultra-low current signal, to harmlessly pass through the human body to activate its circuit, thus producing light and sound patterns. This illustrates how energy can be converted from electric to photonic back to electric, stored and utilized electrochemically, then oscillated and converted into an IR signal and back again into an electrical signal and then amplified.

   The device conducts a small electrical signal, which turns on an oscillator, which creates sounds. As more users touch the plates the sounds develop deep tonal qualities that are reminiscent of musical notes. It also illustrates touch switch technology, energy conversion, photovoltaic and photonic science, electrical conductance and oscillator theory.

   The exhibit touch circuit operates on a totally isolated power supply at approx. 6 VDC and requires a grounded 120 V AC outlet. A Solar powered version is available upon request.

   The text supplied on the exhibit discusses theory, technology and applications. The exhibit is available in a wide variety of color options. Contact us for price information.

We created our 1st prototype in 1983. We have been designing, fabricating & marketing versions of this exhibit to science centers worldwide since 2000.  

For more information contact us.

Grander versions of this is the Touch Spectrum and the Super Photonic Pentiductor which allows incorporates super bright LED's that respond to the touch plates as well.

7-year warranty against defects in our workmanship; Free Life-time phone/internet technical support; Life-time parts supply sourcing for our exhibits at wholesale prices. See more details below.

Our exhibits have a long service life expectancy, with many units still functioning smoothly at 10 years plus. They are so easy to maintain and repair, that it usually takes regular museum staff only 15 to 20 minutes.


Optional Accessories:  Voice Playback





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