MRISAR's Humanoid Telepresence Robot



Above is a rough artistic rendering of our telepresence robot.

Magnus is a low budget, simplistic, mobile, full fledged telepresence robot that will literally duplicate every basic movement that the operator makes. He is an experiment for applications in industry, adaptive technologies for the disabled, security and exploration. He addresses issues such as;

1- Using visual, tactile and force feedback and artificial touch for telepresence manipulation.


2- Creating human-like performance in telepresence robotics applications.


3- Full immersion telepresence with wearable haptic, multi sensor feedback.


4- Expressing emotion between humans and robots.



To help fund Magnus we have designed a simplistic version for sale to museums and science & technology centers called the "Humanoid Telepresence Space Robot" and are creating an educational web series called the "Mysterious Lab of Robotics" where MRISAR’s R & D Team will build Magnus on the show. Once brought to life he will participate as a cast member. Magnus will be portrayed as a humorous and engaging adaptation of technologies that we are actually developing for serious and beneficial applications.




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