Robotic Bernoulli Blower Exhibit




Artistic Rendering of the Front and Side View


This exhibit combines educational elements that relate to robotics, electrical science, electromechanical science, electronics, aero-dynamics, gravity and the principles of lift.


A human user operates the blower speed control to change the velocity of the air pressure; and the joystick to move the spheres one by one to elevated target locations.


1- To capture the spheres the velocity is set to low speed and the rail robotics system is aligned to the sphere location.

2- Velocity is then increased when the stream of air from the blower pushes the ball upwards while the force of gravity exerts force to drag it down.

3- The visitor adjusts the velocity to change the elevation to the correct level for the specific targets.


Whenever the ball moves out of the stream (as long as it does not go too far), the moving air on one side pulls it back in due to low pressure relative to the higher pressure of the nonmoving surrounding air; in effect  “centering the sphere”.


To aid the user the control panel also has a screen that shows the position of the ball relative to the blower and a voice repeater that explains the scientific principles while encouraging the users progress through the activity. The control panel also keeps track of the score via a run of LED lights.


This exhibit brings the excitement of a game to hands on learning. The audio feedback integration with the activity helps to instill the educational elements in a very memorable way.  


Approximate size of exhibit 72” High x 38” Wide x 7’ Long.


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