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Additional Educational Enrichment Project:

      Mysterious Lab of Robotics; Educational Web Series


Telepresence operation for robotics specifically relates to workstations, industry, underwater & space exploration.










"Challenge the Robot" Exhibits


Dual Challenge The Robot    Challenge The Robot II     Cybermatrix: Tic Tac Toe    Probe Robots "Challenge on Mars"

Planetary Probe      Space Dual Robot Arm Workstation      Underwater Exploration Simulator      Economy Robot Arm    

Robotic Planetary Exploration Simulator      Planetary Specimen Retrieval Training Robot Arm     Voice Controlled Arm   

Simulated "Hot Cell Manipulator Work Station"      Challenge the Robot     Humanoid Telepresence Space Robot

ROV-AUV Robot      Challenge Bots      Robotic Bernoulli Blower Exhibit

Portable Simulated “Hot Cell Manipulator Work Station”




Underwater & Terrestrial Exploration


Robotic Underwater Exploration Simulator       ROV-AUV Robot






180 ° Robot Arm      Base Mounted Single 3 Finger Robot Arm      Base Mounted Single 5 Finger Robot Arm










If your facility has a shop that builds exhibits, but does not have the capability to build Robot Arms or Planetary Probes, you can order just the components and specifications from us and build your own case to house them. We will supply complete technical specifications and installation support. Our kits are easy to install and come assembled to the point of installation. At this time we are offering the following kits;


5 Finger Robot Arm Kit     3 Finger Robot Arm Kit     Planetary Probe Robot Kit     Low Budget 3 Finger Robot Arm Kit   

Dual 5 Finger, 3 Finger or Combo Robotic Arm Kit



  Artistic Robotics


Robotic Infinity Machine     Rail Robot Assistant     Chibi Robot Assistant     Challenge Bots     Deven II

Electropet II    ROV-AUV Robot      Humanoid Telepresence Space Robot     Space Dual Robot Arm Work Station  

Simulated "Hot Cell Manipulator Work Station"     Probe Robots "Challenge on Mars"     Robotic Planetary Exploration Simulator

Portable Simulated “Hot Cell Manipulator Work Station”    Brutus: Robotic Canine    Cezar: Robotic Lion



Telepresence Exhibits


Teleoperated 3 Finger Robot Arm     Teleoperated Rail Robot Arm     Space Dual Robot Arm Work Station     Teleoperated Dual Arm

 Humanoid Telepresence Space Robot     Teleoperated Planetary Probe     Probe Robots "Challenge on Mars"



Telemanipulator Exhibits


Planetary Probe      ROV-AUV Robot      Challenge Bots     Deven II    Cezar: Robotic Lion     Brutus: Robotic Canine

Interactive Health Robot      Deven


MRISAR was created in 1993 by its founders John Adrian Siegel and Victoria Lee Croasdell Siegel, to help fund and promote their research and development in Humanitarian based Robotics and other scientific elements by incorporating aspects of the technologies they develop into “Public Use Robotic and Science & Art Interactive Devices” that are sold world-wide to Science & Technology Centers, Museums, Universities, NASA, domestic & foreign governments, royalty, and the film industries, etc., to generate income.  They have Designed & Fabricated the Earth’s Largest Selection of World Class Robotics Exhibits. MRISAR often provides “Free Admission Public Events” at their facility and “Free On-location Events” at other public educational institutions. They hope to inspire the upcoming generation to create careers in responsible technologies that improve the quality of life. So far they have funded all of their own R & D. Everything they design is fabricated "In-House", in their own labs and shops!

MRISAR purchased a 36,000sq.ft disused school on roughly 10 acres on the plains of North Dakota and are transforming it into a Prototype Environment for a low cost, low impact, self-sustaining, alternative energy powered, Humanitarian & Environmental Research & Development institute with a Think Tank and Invention labs, in a Zone 3 growing area. Its purpose is to invent and present responsible, low cost and easy to implement, beneficial humanitarian and environmental based technologies and methods that assist with social, ecological, sustainable and economic solutions. Accomplishing the prototype environment alone requires research & development of new technologies & improvement of existing technologies. To help fund R & D part of the Institute will be used as a World-Class “Interactive, Hands-On, Robotics, Technology, Invention & Nature Center” that will feature MRISAR's standard line of World-class exhibits and Showcase their Private Collection of Innovative, Interactive Exhibits & Devices. It will also incorporate “Responsible Technologies”! Admission will be free to the underprivileged.

Balancing business with Philanthropic Ideals!  Developing & Promoting “Responsible” Technologies!

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