Light Controlled Sound Spectrum




This exhibit was designed by John Siegel and daughters Autumn & Aurora Siegel, ages 9 & 6 years old in 2001. Updated 2/08.

Directions: Slowly bring your hand down over a black disk. When you get close to it, it will trigger lights and sounds. Each black disk triggers a different tone or when triggered in combination they will produce much deeper tones.

How it works! The device in the center of each black disk is a photo resister. It is connected to a circuit which turns on a light and an oscillator which produces a sound.  The photo resistor is coated with light sensitive chemicals that conduct more electricity when exposed to light and less electricity when denied light. They are used in automatic light controls, parts counters, light probes for the blind, and many other devices.

The exhibit requires one 120 V AC grounded socket. 

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Optional Accessories:  Voice Playback



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