Touch Spectrum







Touch Spectrum Regular Version (your color choice)!



 Deco - Touch Spectrum Version (your color choice)!



Two different styles of the Touch Spectrum. Your color choice!! 

"Touch Spectrum"  Directions: Place one hand on each metal plate and the Touch Spectrum will react by creating sounds and light patterns.   Or place one hand on a metal plate and have another person place one of their hands  on the  other plate  and then  touch each of your remaining hands together. Try touching it with only a finger tip, then place your whole hand on the plate. Notice how the sound deepens as your hand covers more surface.   This occurs because your body is the conductor  for the electrical current and the more surface you cover the larger the  conductive pathway is. This increase in conductivity creates deeper tones. This exhibit was designed for public safety!!

This exhibit is a touch switch controlled sound synthesizer.  Touch switch technology is used to allow devices to be turned on and off without using conventional mechanical switches which are prone to break-downs. This exhibit works by transmitting an extremely small amount of low voltage and low amperage from one plate to another when you provide the pathway by touching it.    This amount is so minuscule that it is untraceable by conventional voltage meters.  The human body is comprised of water and a number of electrically conductive elements including  - but not limited to -  metals; such as Iron,  Copper, Zinc and Magnesium.  As our nervous system operates by electricity and electro chemical interactions we can easily be electrically overloaded. In the case of this exhibit  - semi-conductor devices provide the means to operate the device with only a whisper of electricity. This electricity is derived via a solar cell placed in close proximity to an incandescent bulb within the case, thereby assuring an isolated power source for safe human interface.
This is the new and drastically improved version of the Pentiductor. During our test of the Pentiductor in schools the response was so great that the exhibit seemed to disappear under droves of children who delighted in it's sound response to their touch. Our new large scale version is sure to top this by a  landslide. The exhibit combines touch switch technology with a rich complement of harmonics and sound effects. To further accent the exhibit, it is equipped with numerous lights in the column and dome that relate approximations of amplitude and frequency. The exhibit is a perfect choice for mid floor locations as it is useable and view able from all six sides. Each side features two touch plates and a text panel. The touch portion of the circuit is totally isolated from the power source as the touch circuit is powered by photon emissions from a small florescent tube in the exhibit case. The florescent tube and the rest of the electronics in the exhibit are powered by one grounded 120V AC outlet. A Solar powered version is available at no additional cost.
 Many case colors are available to compliment your current exhibit selection. The exhibit is approximately 5' diameter and 58" high. 

We created our 1st prototype in 1983. We have been designing, fabricating & marketing versions of this exhibit to science centers worldwide since 2000.

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7-year warranty against defects in our workmanship; Free Life-time phone/internet technical support; Life-time parts supply sourcing for our exhibits at wholesale prices. See more details below.

Our exhibits have a long service life expectancy, with many units still functioning smoothly at 10 years plus. They are so easy to maintain and repair, that it usually takes regular museum staff only 15 to 20 minutes.


Optional Accessories:  Voice Playback




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