The art in this exhibition contains a number of different mediums, including "hand-cut serigraph prints", acrylic paintings, oil paintings, and hand drawn art that was color enhanced in a CG environment.

This art exhibition is view-able for all ages. Depending on what your museum is looking for you can pick what image sets you would like to include in the exhibition. Each exhibition has an interactive kiosk showing the artistic processes.  These processes relate to art, math, science, geometry, technology and to other creative & educational elements.

MRISAR's custom Geo-Partitions come with all art already firmly attached behind protective clear polycarbonate. They are easily arranged in a number of ways, as stand alones, or continuous walls, via interconnects.

Diamonds contain either interactive kiosks, interactive sculptures, or back lit hanging art.

All the art in our exhibitions is created by professional artists at MRISAR.


Click here for a few examples of possible Geo Partition Floor Plans.

Click here for a close up view of some of our digital art.


For more information contact us.


Additional Educational & Technical Elements:

Comes with 2 Copies of the Exhibition Users Guide and 2 Copies of the Technical Manual.

Our traveling exhibitions are presented for the purpose of generating funds for our facility improvements, research and development projects and for a number of humanitarian & environmental ventures we are developing.  Rental is for a three month span although special pricing can be arranged for longer engagements.

Contract documents, which include complete descriptions of the exhibitions are available as emailed PDF files or optionally as hardcopies and must be signed by a representative of the Renter and MRISAR. A deposit is also required as are shipping and insurance coverage for the exhibition. The date of the bookings must be agreeable to both parties upon signing.  


We designed and built the two 3-Finger Robot Arms (which appeared in several scenes with the scientist of the future), for the 2007 sci-fi family movie "The Last Mimzy", a Newline Cinema, Avery Pix, and Hanna Rachael Production, film; And Designed and built two 3-Finger Robot Arms, controls and power supplied for the traveling show "Robots; the Interactive Exhibition", that is based on the movie "Robots" by 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studio, which was funded by Ford Motor Company and has been touring for four years under very demanding conditions with very dependable results. We collaborated with Becker Group and Chicago Scenic Studios to provide two of the robotic activities for the exhibition. The exhibition received the 2007 THEA Award for Outstanding Museum Touring Exhibitions. The press has commented that our part of the exhibition is by far the most popular exhibit presented.

Foreign Rental is Subject to Approval, Feasibility & Additional Cost.  Please Contact Us for Special Terms.

See the video clip of our shop tests of our arms that were filmed in the movie! "The Last Mimzy"

Specializing in unique Robotic Exhibits that are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Our exhibits are featured in

 world class museums, science centers, universities, NASA funded exhibitions and by the film and movie industries.

Balancing business with Philanthropic Ideals!  Developing & Promoting “Responsible” Technologies!

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