12 Exhibits, 1 Entry Sign. Please allow at least 1,450 sq feet for proper setup. Images do not show all of the exhibits and materials. Exhibits include Skeletal, Eye, Ear, Digestive, Brain,  Tongue & Teeth, Heart, Lungs, Nose, Nervous System and the Muscular system. Please refer below for a full description of each exhibit, size and the support materials included. Each Exhibit speaks it’s instructions and other educational data via control panel operated voice repeater system. Some of the graphic panels are interactive; for example the Ear exhibit can hear and shows sound wave forms on a screen that is mounted within it's 4th graphic panel; the Eye exhibit contains a monitor screen that displays the images from a miniature camera in the 3D model of the eye; and the Heart exhibit shows the users heart beat wave form on a screen.  The Kiosk contains additional information on health care and “The Making Of The Exhibition”; with a 20” monitor.  Approximate footprint 30” x 42”. Rentals are Subject to Availability & Technical Approval. Please Book Well In Advance. Simple installation! No compressor required. Just standard 120 VAC grounded Outlets. No need for dollies! Each case has built in locking castors for easy placement of exhibits!


Exhibition Description   Educational & Technical Elements   Graphic Images


Exhibition Description






Each exhibit has interactive elements in the form of electronic interactive models that allow the visitor to become involved in an activity that draws them into the exhibit experience, and  Voice Playback  that allows the exhibit to verbally interact with the user. These interactive elements are based on technologies that have been used in our other exhibit designs and allow the exhibits to behave with lifelike responses. They are user friendly to a wide range of ages, physical statures and disabilities.

The lower panels are sloped for ease of use and accessibility. Their height is kept to approximately 30 inches at the front, which relates to the height of; adults,  small children, and people in wheelchairs. The upward tilt of the control panel aids visual interpretation and presents an attractive attribute, while allowing easy reach of the controls. To increase accessibility, the bottom front of the cases are tilted inwards to accommodate foot room or wheelchair foot rests.

The control panel buttons are large and illuminated. The primary start button is also in the right lower corner of each control panel section, so that people with visual disabilities, or others who can not read, can simply be told to look or feel for the start switch, which they will always find in the same location. All controls are placed in easy reach along the front of the panel.  

Three dimensional models that can be touched are also a part of each exhibit as informational aids and to relate to visual disabilities by presenting a tactile element.

For each graphic and text the contrast is kept high.  Lettering is as large as can practically fit and vivid colors are used.

Fortunately novel case angles, interesting colors, high contrast and speech capability are greatly appealing to regular visitors as well as relating to disabilities.

Footprint of each exhibit is approximately 33" x 33" and 72" high.



Detailed Images of Individual Models & Graphics




Additional Educational & Technical Elements:

Teacher’s Guide & “Making Of The Exhibition DVD”. Comes with 2 Copies of the Exhibition Users Guide and 2 Copies of the Technical Manual.

Our traveling exhibitions are presented for the purpose of generating funds for our facility improvements, research and development projects and for a number of humanitarian & environmental ventures we are developing.  Rental is for a three month span although special pricing can be arranged for longer engagements.

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We designed and built the two 3-Finger Robot Arms (which appeared in several scenes with the scientist of the future), for the 2007 sci-fi family movie "The Last Mimzy", a Newline Cinema, Avery Pix, and Hanna Rachael Production, film; And Designed and built two 3-Finger Robot Arms, controls and power supplied for the traveling show "Robots; the Interactive Exhibition", that is based on the movie "Robots" by 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studio, which was funded by Ford Motor Company and has been touring for four years under very demanding conditions with very dependable results. We collaborated with Becker Group and Chicago Scenic Studios to provide two of the robotic activities for the exhibition. The exhibition received the 2007 THEA Award for Outstanding Museum Touring Exhibitions. The press has commented that our part of the exhibition is by far the most popular exhibit presented.

Specializing in unique Robotic Exhibits that are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Our exhibits are featured in world class museums, science centers, universities, NASA funded exhibitions and by the film and movie industries for inclusion in media productions.

Foreign Rental is Subject to Approval, Feasibility & Additional Cost.

Balancing business with Philanthropic Ideals!  Developing & Promoting “Responsible” Technologies!

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