8 Exhibits, 1 Entry Sign and 6 Graphic Panels. Please provide at least 1,600 sq feet for proper setup. Images do not show all of the exhibit materials. Please refer below for a full description of each exhibit, size and the support materials included. Rentals are Subject to Availability & Technical Approval. Please Book Well In Advance. Simple installation! No compressor required. Just standard 120 VAC grounded Outlets. No need for dollies! Each case has built in locking castors for easy placement of exhibits!


Exhibition Description   Educational & Technical Elements   Additional Images

We designed and built the two 3-Finger Robot Arms (which appeared in several scenes with the scientist of the future), for the 2007 sci-fi family movie "The Last Mimzy", a Newline Cinema, Avery Pix, and Hanna Rachael Production, film; And Designed and built two 3-Finger Robot Arms, controls and power supplied for the traveling show "Robots; the Interactive Exhibition", that is based on the movie "Robots" by 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studio, which was funded by Ford Motor Company and has been touring for four years under very demanding conditions with very dependable results. We collaborated with Becker Group and Chicago Scenic Studios to provide two of the robotic activities for the exhibition. The exhibition received the 2007 THEA Award for Outstanding Museum Touring Exhibitions. The press has commented that our part of the exhibition is by far the most popular exhibit presented.

Exhibition Description





Devices; Each Exhibit speaks it’s instructions via voice recording system. Robot bug exhibit also features lifelike sound effects in addition to introduction.

1- Entrance Sign; for Exhibition Area. 8’ long.

2- Life-size Humanoid Robot; torso and robot head with interactive expressions that relate to light, sound and touch. Adjust and use the controls to make the robot’s personality come alive. Select it’s reactions to sensor stimulus. Can it express being happy?, angry?, and sad? How do its responses differ from real emotions?  Footprint 35” x 35”. 

3- Rail Robot Arm; that competes with a human in a simple automated task. Can you operate the arm by joysticks as skillfully and fast as the arm’s computer can? Footprint 35” x 7.5’. 

4– Four Robot Pets; in an artificial environment. Play with two phototropic insects, one nocturnal spider robot and a two headed giant inchworm by adjusting exhibit case lights and by attracting the attention of the insects with flashlights and sounds. Help them to find photonic food and help them too get along well together. The phototropic insect likes the light, but the nocturnal one does not like light. Can you make them all happy at the same time or will some become aggravated and territorial? Footprint  35” x 7.5’. 

5- Set of two Robot Arms (a 5-Finger & a 3-Finger); mounted in an exhibit case with activity area for moving geometric objects (telepresence joystick operation). The three-finger arm is a replica of one of the robot arms we created for a movie production by Newline Cinema called “The Last Mimzy”. The 3-Finger arms we created acted in scenes during the production. The 5-Finger Arm features independent movement in each finger and thumb, mimicking the users hand movements (via a set of push buttons) and wrist, elbow and shoulder movements (via joysticks).  Footprint  35” x 7.5’. 

6- Telepresence controls and monitors; for the 3 & 5 Finger Robot Arms. Controls are built into a graphics display. Footprint 35” x 7.5’.  

7- Planetary Probe Robot; that the visitor guides across a simulated alien terrain. Can the user utilize the sensors to find items that justify future missions with limited energy resources and time? Footprint 35” x 7.5’. 

8- Interactive Crystals; Touch and Light Sensitive. Footprint 35” x 7.5’. An energetic realm of light, sound and mystery. Interactive electronics, touch playable sound synthesizers circuits and other wonders. The magic of electrical science is presented in this selection of interactive art that seems to come alive in response to the user. A magical fun way to express the sciences of electronics, electricity, photonics and other sensory elements based on the movements of particles and electrochemical interactions.

9- Kiosk “Making Of The Exhibition”; with a 20” monitor and DVD that shows the making of the exhibition including details regarding the fabrication of many robotic components.  Footprint 48” x 35”.

10- 6 Graphic Panels; graphics include topics like "Robotics; Past, Present & Future"; "Electronic Parts & Symbols", naming many key components and how they work; "Electronic Terms & Projects", covering safety issues, terms, relations and simple projects you can do at home; and "Robotics Space Exploration".


Additional Educational & Technical Elements:

Teacher’s Guide & “Making Of The Exhibition DVD”. Our show covers the educational elements without hiding important details. Each robotic device is well protected behind polycarbonate glass, but has fully visible components. This is a show that truly provides educational elements regarding the “simple machines” within complicated robotics. Easily viewable are motors, linkages, levers, switches, limit switches, springs, ramps, rollers, bearings and many other mechanical elements. Numerous electromechanical and electronic elements are also on view along with graphics naming many key components and how they work. Comes with 2 Copies of the Exhibition Users Guide and 2 Copies of the Technical Manual (additional copies of the DVD are available for $20.00 each).

Our traveling exhibitions are presented for the purpose of generating funds for our facility improvements, research and development projects and for a number of humanitarian & environmental ventures we are developing.  Rental is for a three month span although special pricing can be arranged for longer engagements.


Additional Images of the Traveling Robotics Exhibitions


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Foreign Rental is Subject to Approval, Feasibility & Additional Cost.  Please Contact Us for Special Terms.

See the video clip of our shop tests of our arms that were filmed in the movie! "The Last Mimzy"

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