Utopia Rising





    Designed  as a large 20 ft high urban electronic, interactive sculpture, featuring solar energy, electronics, changing color and light patterns, sound and reactionary effects combined with a sculptural form and Braille detailing.
    Utopia Rising is a boldly designed sculpture that presents an otherworldly quality. Most of it's exterior is comprised of a grayish silver granular finish set against a montage of illuminated abstracted segments and a slick black council with bronze detailing.
    The sculpture is designed to react to it's environment through interpreting sounds, shadows and light. The electronics in it's interior are designed to respond to their surroundings by creating sounds and light patterns.
    Utopia Rising is presented as an outdoor sculpture made to endure the elements and naturally age into the environment.
    The acrylic crystalline segments on the exterior are illuminated by numerous super bright LED's which are controlled by a number of PC boards inside the exhibit which are populated by CMOS, Linear, TTL, and VMOS based circuits.
    In addition to the cost of the sculpture - it  will require a concrete foundation and anchor bolts. The final installation will require a moderately sized crane and licensed contractor for the on site mounting of the base unit and positioning of the columns.

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This sculpture is an example of alternative energy, sensory inputs and  reactionary effects in electronic systems, timing & randomizing theory, visual & wave length specific electromagnetic
spectrum, photons, sound synthesis, frequency & amplitude, & acoustics.

Runs off of one grounded plug, for solar panel option, please inquire.

We created our 1st prototype of this technology in 1983. We have been designing, fabricating & marketing versions of this technology to science centers worldwide since 2000.

7-year warranty against defects in our workmanship; Free Life-time phone/internet technical support; Life-time parts supply sourcing for our exhibits at wholesale prices. See more details below.

Our exhibits have a long service life expectancy, with many units still functioning smoothly at 10 years plus. They are so easy to maintain and repair, that it usually takes regular museum staff only 15 to 20 minutes.




Optional Accessories:  Voice Playback



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