Philanthropic Research & Development

Medical Electronics: Life Sign Monitors






Apnea alarm with oscilloscope, heart and respiration alarms.



Work is in progress, designing an emergency hospital, portable monitor capable of tracking and checking the vital signs of up to thirty people per unit. The monitor  will feature 1.25 mile radius automatic patient tracking, small size approx. 8" x 4.5", alarms, a power supply with solar charging panel and charging circuit capable of taping sources of power ranging from 6V to 240V. It's portable features and adaptive charging requirements will make it accessible in almost any situation.



Apnea monitor with adaptation for the disabled through voice synthesis and vibrating wrist transducer. Unit features high and low heart rate, respiration rate and temperature detection housed in a case size which is 6" x 6" x 3 1/2" = 1/3 the size of most commercially produced units. Continued work will lead to units the size of a pocket watch. 



Monitor for detecting changes in metabolic rates as occurring during disturbances in sleep cycles. Designed to reduce nightmare induced sleep traumas.




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